June 28, 2017

You’ve probably heard about it. You’ve seen some on the lakes and maybe on the sea as well. Your friends brag about their outings and social media is full of pictures of people paddling all over the world. But have you actually tried it? Don't be scared. It's not that...

June 20, 2017

So you’ve been traveling and working out in various countries… and you’re probably missing these intense spinning classes. But you would also like to enjoy a downtime every now and then with a yoga practice. And maybe even include a little HIIT workout all at the same...

May 31, 2017

You might have heard about it… or not! Hot Yoga is a trend that’s been going throughout the wellness world for quite some time now and we are super lucky to have a first studio in Lausanne with such high standards. Great teachers, amazing place and a peaceful atmospher...

January 26, 2017

Janvier est arrivé, et l’heure des grandes résolutions a sonné. Une fois de plus, on se promet de changer notre vie de manière radicale: perte de poids, changement d’orientation professionnelle, remise en question générale. Mais au fur et à mesure que les années passen...

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Welcome to my world.

I hope that you  will find here all the infos you need to lead a healthy and happy life.

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Passionate about sports, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, I hope that my knowlegde and experience will help you reach your goals for a happy and healthy life. 

Fight Harder :) 


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