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Hot yoga @ Yoga Flame

May 31, 2017


You might have heard about it… or not! Hot Yoga is a trend that’s been going throughout the wellness world for quite some time now and we are super lucky to have a first studio in Lausanne with such high standards. Great teachers, amazing place and a peaceful atmosphere. Everything you need to spend a moment with yourself and enjoy a time out.


Why I love it



To start with, it’s hot inside! Our Swiss weather is not always that pleasant, so the warm feels amazing. YogaFlame offers a lot of different classes at different times of the day throughout the week. And each class has different room temperature and a different focus. Every single teacher I have had there is extremely professional and lets you enjoy the class thanks to a peaceful and calm energy and environment.

Classes are challenging, yet achievable for everyone. On the schedule of the studio, you will see whether the class is for beginners or intermediate, but actually, you can attend all classes and follow them according to your yoga level. Everything is adaptable, you just have to listen to your body.


The studio is extra clean, all made out of wood. The changing room is quite spacious and the showers are great, with perfect pressure. Ladies, we can actually wash our hair, ladies! Plus, there is a little surprise room in the back; a lecture room with hot teas and meditation seats.


Why I recommend YogaFlame


Yoga has been proven to be really good for your body and mind. Hot yoga has added benefits. With the heat, your body detoxes and flushes toxins through the heavy sweat. Furthermore, the heat will allow you to go deeper in many poses and as the heart rate increases, you will get a full body and cardio workout.


Not everyone will enjoy the intense heat and sweat and might find it uncomfortable to workout in such a heated room. Some will be lightheaded and will definitely not like that experience. But I encourage you to try it and see for yourself. Everyone will get a treat no matter what; a few incredible minutes of shavasana.




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