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Paddle Boarding is cool !

June 28, 2017

You’ve probably heard about it. You’ve seen some on the lakes and maybe on the sea as well. Your friends brag about their outings and social media is full of pictures of people paddling all over the world. But have you actually tried it? Don't be scared. It's not that tough and it's actually really cool!


Living in Switzerland, by the Geneva Lake, Paddle Boarding over the summer has kind of become like skiing over the winter! Everyone needs to be on the slopes. Some will be up and around early morning, paddling intensely throughout the lake while others will take it in a more laidback way, enjoying the sun and a nice break from the daily stress that we live in.



Why I love it?


Being on the water gives you the feeling of going on a holiday. After a long day, or even during your lunch break, take an hour, get a paddleboard and go take some air on the lake. You will get a real workout out of it, working your core, stability and even your cardio! You will take your mind off your issues and just focus on something else, enjoying the nice summer weather, the beautiful scenery and a good sweat. Plus, you will be working on your tan!


If you’re into yoga and feeling adventurous, you should definitely try some yoga poses on your board. It will challenge you and you will need to work extra hard on your breathing, your being present and … core and stability!


You can rent a board anywhere by the lakes today and if you’re really into it, get your own inflatable board. You’ll take it everywhere with you for sure!


Contact me if you have any questions :-) 



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July 11, 2017

Paddle Boarding is cool !

June 28, 2017

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